No More Tangles!

First of all – hello Julius!  It has been a while since he has been in a picture here.  With things getting dark fast these days it is hard to get any shots of him. But today he stayed in because it was kind of cold out there. He changed his mind later but it was too late.

Yesterday as I was heading up to go to bed I heard a little commotion. It seems that Julie had knocked a cat teaser toy onto Calla’s bed on the left there with her in it. When she got up to come after, the string wrapped around her and carried the stick and feather along.

She wasn’t that scared, but she was moving in a big circle at the base of the stairs trying to get lose.  I was able to corral her and get her free before she got in any trouble.

Today she decided on a higher perch — just coincidentally.

It is a little harder to get a picture when she is in that particular spot, especially when she is facing the way she is here.  Which, after all, might be part of the point of going up there.

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1 Response to No More Tangles!

  1. nadbugs says:

    Julius! Bad kitty! Behavior unbefitting your name. Hail Caesar. Your friend, Bugs


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