Fear of Popcorn

It was an uneventful day with the cats idling here and there.  I wasn’t a lot better as I woke up at about 4:30 AM and never got back to sleep. And, no, it wasn’t the cats that woke me up – that is against the house rules.  But once I am up I did feed them so perhaps their internal clocks are messed up as badly as mine are.

This picture is from the same set of pictures as the one in yesterday’s post.  Still cute, though.

There was the popcorn incident.  When cooking dinner I noticed an orphan package of microwave popcorn that had been sitting around for some time, so I decided to use it up.  Julius was startled by the popping sound and retreated to the top of the stairs on full alert and stayed there for a while even after the popping was done.  This won’t add too much to his ‘macho’ scores.  Calpurnia was in the cat tree and wasn’t startled at all during all of this, although she did seem curious about why Julie was acting up.

Calla is a trend-setter, not a follower.  I may just follow her lead and relax for a bit.

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3 Responses to Fear of Popcorn

  1. nadbugs says:

    Garg. It’s 4:25 am as I’m writing this. Only I’ve been up since 2:00. I will contemplate Calla’s lead like you did — though I’m not sure I can duplicate the upside-down head. Cats have that advantage. I want it — but I can’t seem to get it. Awake at 2:00 seems to be the best I can manage, in the upside-down department.


  2. We think it’s perfectly reasonable to fear assassination by grains.


  3. littlemiao says:

    Awww, afraid of popcorn? I bet Chun would be too, except I haven’t made any ever. He is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. The mere sight of it makes him tremble and run.


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