Flashback – Gus’ First Haircut

There was a little discussion in yesterday’s comment section about Gus and his Lion Cut being embarrassing.

One thing to remember is that in that picture he was sedated because of dental surgery, so he’s not at his best.

The first haircut he had was different – there was no sedation. In fact, afterward the vet tech mentioned that Gus kept snapping at them and I was thinking – “I know, why do you think I paid you to cut his hair!”

I’ll admit this one looks a little strange, but the uncut booties on his foot are a highlight. He looks like the teen and twenty something girls who put on fur-lined boots out here whenever the temperature gets below sixty or so.

But in repose he looks pretty good even on the first day after the cut. This gives an idea why it is called a “lion cut”.

I did modify the standard lion cut to leave virtually the entire tail alone. It is such a good feature for him.  You can see the ‘battle scars’ where the snapping cat caused an extra close shave on his back.  No cuts, though.  You can see his ‘Shar Pei” folds by his front legs.

From this angle you can hardly tell he’s been shaved at all.

This is Gus just two months later – coincidentally this is Calpurnia’s first day home. I took a picture of him relaxing while she was up in her safe room upstairs.  The hair is a little short, perhaps about as long as a short-haired cat’s hair on the shaved areas.

So there’s no need to feel bad for Gus – he’s always stylish.

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7 Responses to Flashback – Gus’ First Haircut

  1. Wow. I agree that the boots make the “outfit”. Otherwise he’d look like his head didn’t belong at all… Gus came out of the experience with no bloodshed – could the vet tech say the same thing when it was all over?


    • Oldcat says:

      I think they were wise enough to clip his nails first, which is how he usually gets me scratched. His warning bites are ‘crocodile snaps’ – he smacks his jaws closed just off of your arm, then butts your arm with the closed teeth. Noisy, but not meant to harm. Then to change it off he will poke you with a tooth but not close the jaw.


  2. nadbugs says:

    That first picture is priceless. The chest-belleh! Much relieved, over here!


  3. Lurkertype says:

    I’m glad you left his magnificent ruff and superb tail. I don’t hold with when they leave just a puffy bob on the end of the tail.

    I withdraw my earlier objection — a conscious Gus is always stylin’.

    He looks much better in his Uggs than the girls do. Gus Uggs!


  4. kimkiminy says:

    It’s always shocking to see how skinny they look under all that fur!


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