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I couldn’t think of a good title, so I didn’t invent one.  I just now finished my checkout of the Self Analysis pages, and added them to the menu.  They are password protected for now until I write up a proper introduction page, probably tomorrow.

The picture was from one of Julie’s favorite observation spots on the wall between us and the pool.  I’m not sure what caught his eye here – there is a big pine tree in that direction, or something on my roof.

Well, something caught his attention here.

I used the trick that deddlebugs mentioned about using a toothpick to try to pry apart mats.  I don’t have any toothpicks so I used a jeweler’s screwdriver.  Gus let me tease apart a couple of small ones in front without a lot of complaint, but the ones farther back still yield a snap.  One benefit of a smaller mat is that Gus himself can pull them out when he grooms.

Calpurnia was sleepy most of the afternoon with the exception of one huge thundercat run from upstairs down the three angles of the stairs, out across the living room into the back yard and around the house out back, ending in the far back yard.

Crazy Girl.

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4 Responses to this post has no title

  1. balavasakan says:

    i love cats ! we als have a cute cat family in our home 🙂 btw these r looking strange lOl


  2. Julius is SUCH a handsome boy! His fur looks all wild and silly like my Maui’s. Calpurnia, you need a little more rest after your lone mad dash.


    • Oldcat says:

      It is long and ‘semi-wild’ but he lacks the undercoat that a Maine Coon has that puffs it out. So he looks long and lean rather than fluffy, except when the wind is ruffling him up


  3. littlemiao says:

    Julius is so beautiful on the wall. It is the perfect perch for him.


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