Every One Knows it’s Windy…

The Santa Ana winds came to town last night and today with the usual results of noisy nights, mildly spooked cats, and lots of leaf litter in the yard.  I opened up the back for a few minutes and the patio was mounded up with leaves and pine needle piles about three to four inches high.  The arrangement of the yard means that leaves that fall in the front fall into the back and  around the corner into the dead angle right by the back door.

Everyone was sort of picking their way around these new obstacles, and when the trees started to move as the wind came on again everyone was content to come back in and get fed dinner, even Julius.

I haven’t done too much more shaver grooming with Gus, but I did get much of a big mat on his chest cut out the last few days. You can see the open patch in the picture. He is helping out somewhat himself if the tufts of yanked out fur around mean anything.

kimkiminy and I have been discussing annoying cats over the last few days in various comment sections, and this brought an old video to mind:

Even though I have three cats, and have owned the same calculator, I did not make this video!

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8 Responses to Every One Knows it’s Windy…

  1. Gus is just adorable 🙂 I have a long haired black cat and know what you mean with mats 😦 She is not easy to groom. I also have a short short haired Calico, what a difference there is! I am so happy to have found your blog. It’s awesome 🙂


  2. Wazeau says:

    Classic video, truly funny.


  3. I LOVE these videos! Have you seen where he “yodels” the cats? It’s gut-busting!
    Your winds will hit Vegas this afternoon, we’re supposed to have FREEZING cold weather; 50’s!


  4. kimkiminy says:

    We get the Santa Ana winds here too, big time. The kitties seem to HATE getting their furs all blown about.
    Great video! I’d seen it before, but that’s worth a re-watch. SO funny. Love the “corporal cuddling” and the “cat yodeling.”
    Have you seen this “how to annoy your cat” video?:


  5. nadbugs says:

    Fabulous. Everything. Lotta bang for your buck, this post. Love it.


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