Gus Takes Over

Even though Gus is the first to dash off into the garage or upstairs into a hidey hole when the vacuum cleaner comes out, eventually he comes back out and shows himself again.  This time the first thing he did was to go to this catnip mat and tell everyone that some how it had gained in potency during the process, since he didn’t react like this to it before today, even when I added more catnip.

Even the cat on the mat itself seems happy!

After a good session of rubbing and licking the mat, he mellowed out for a bit more on his back.  He tends to be too tense to chill out like this much, especially when the other cats are around.

When he needed a break from that, there was one place to go that he has not been to in quite a long time.  It is a little too tall to get up in one jump for him these days, but I have created a set of shorter steps for him to use if he wants to get in the armchair.  Even with the stepping stone platforms, he doesn’t get up to my chair very often anymore

He was spry enough yesterday to make it into my chair and take it over.  I had to sit on the floor.

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18 Responses to Gus Takes Over

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Aw, Gus! Good to see him acting not his age.

    That second picture is great. That’s a happy boy. Love his skinny cummerbund.


  2. I love his glowing eyes as he lays next to the cat on the mat with the giant yellow eyes!


  3. Jeannie says:

    Hi ,
    I started reading you a while ago. I found you through Robyn. On my Mac, I have no trouble reading your post, but on the ipad, it is a different matter. It comes in with the bottom of the post showing, and I can not scroll up to the beginning to read.I scroll, but it keeps going back to teh end.


    • Oldcat says:

      I don’t have an IPad myself, so it is hard to guess what the issue is. I went to the IPad settings tab and looked for anything that might be relevant. It is set for a ‘cover page’ to be a recent picture. The other options are to add some additional custom icons and images for the cover logo and launch screen image, and these are not set to anything. Perhaps what you are seeing is a goofed up ‘Cover Page’ and you need to move on to the real blog in whatever way you do for other apps.

      Is the page you have trouble seeing the front page, or is it the full post page with comment box on the bottom? These are the one you get by selecting the title of the post, or by clicking the “read more” link.

      The pictures I post are large, maybe this is the problem. If you can select a post to view, the pictures in my very early posts in April have smaller pictures. If those view OK, it would give me something to tell support besides ‘it’s broke’.


      • Jeannie says:

        HI It seems to be the whole post. The end of the post is what shows, and when I try to scroll up to see the beginning, it just won’t I wait and read you on my mac.


      • Oldcat says:

        Some of the other commenters had a few suggestions, such as trying it in ‘standard’ mode instead of onswipe mode or vice versa. And if you do decide to contact WP’s support about it, I’ll be happy to try anything they suggest on my end.


  4. I’m using my ipad now, and I don’t have any trouble reading your blog in the ipad version or “standard”… Having said that, I have to also say that I hate the OnSwipe ipad pages and always change it to the standard view. Blogs lose their personality with OnSwipe, and the ipad version doesn’t give the option of reading any comments, replying or “liking” a post.


  5. nadbugs says:

    LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! So happy to see Gus relaxed.


  6. littlemiao says:

    What a beautiful floofy belly Gus has!


    • Oldcat says:

      Not for long!

      I have to shorten it like the rest to keep it from matting. I’m sure I’ll need the gloves for that battle. Perhaps this weekend, for part of it at least.

      You can even see one of the divots right below his front paw, where it is pinkish instead of white. I had to chop out a big mat with scissors


      • littlemiao says:

        Aww. I’m sure he’ll still be beautiful in the “after” pictures. Sprocket will never be as floofy as Gus.

        Why do some kitties mat so easily? Ping, who has similar patterning to Gus except he is orange and white instead of b&w, has such soft fine angora fur that mats very easily. We groom him frequently but when he was sick a couple years ago it was hard to keep up with it and we had to trim off big mats. He was quite angry with us. Kemi also gets mats in his belly and legs. But then Lotus, who is possibly the floofiest of all, never mats. It doesn’t have too much to do with their grooming because they are all good groomers. Floof-texture? Were ragdolls bred to be mat-resistant?


      • Oldcat says:

        I have heard that Ragdolls ‘don’t mat’ but I am not sure I believe it, just like some of the other more or less crazy statements of the original developer of the breed, like that they don’t feel pain or have raccoon genes.

        For Gus in particular it seems to be related to how well he keeps himself groomed. Years back he almost never had one, in more recent years he has had quite a few. After I gave him his baths last year they seemed to be less for a time, so I think the ‘stickier’ the few the faster the mats form.

        Calpurnia hasn’t formed any mats to speak of since I’ve had her, but she had terribly huge ones when I got her. So she isn’t immune herself, and the fur outside the mats was clean enough. She was a strange combination of neglect and good care.


      • littlemiao says:

        Calpurnia looks like she gets frequent groomings to keep her luxurious floof in order.

        Ping has always matted easily, even in his younger years, especially his chest and cataloons.

        My experience with ragdolls is limited to Lotus and Mani, but I can testify that both are 100% mat-free. I think I have found loose little mats on Lotus twice in his life, and never ever on Mani. However, I’m certain that they feel pain! And there is nothing raccoonish about them. That is pretty crazy. 😮


    • Oldcat says:

      I do try and get Calpurnia brushed every day or so, but even when I slack a little while I haven’t found the mats like Gus gets. In the old days he would pull them out while they were little.

      Yeah, the Ragdoll founder was a 60s California lady who tended to be ‘enthusiastic’. Other breeders branched off into the Ragamuffin breed just to get away from her.


  7. The nip will do it every time!

    Truffle and Brulee


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