On a Shoestring

More pictures from the other day’s fight with a shoestring.  Here’s Calpurnia about to go for the hanging string.  She would lunge at it from time to time and then retreat back to her pad.

I had a real “aww..” moment with her when I was brushing her tonight.  Usually she will stand on my lap while  I brush her, but today when I was doing one side she laid down and tucked her  head into my elbow while I brushed her.

Thirty seconds later Julius came to the back door wanting in and ruined it.

Gus moved to the same area when I was teasing Calpurnia to watch and I gave him a shot at it…but when he would lift a paw to poke at the shoestring and I tried to get a picture, he would hear the sound and put the paw down.

He was even more unrelaxed because Calpurnia was just over to the side, which always makes him cautious for no good reason.  He’s that way with Julius too, even though Gus  bullies him 95 percent of the time.

One final story that is only partially cat related.  I get cat litter in plastic buckets and lately have been using one of them to store the used litter to go out. So Monday I set aside the bucket of used litter to go to the garbage, opened a new one to refill the litter boxes, closed it up and went about getting ready.   I threw the bucket out and went to work.

Tuesday I opened up the clean bucket and found it was the dirty bucket.  Somehow I got them mixed and tossed half a bucket of litter.  This irks me way more than the 4 dollars it costs for some reason, because I’m still not sure where I got them switched up.

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6 Responses to On a Shoestring

  1. littlemiao says:

    Awww. Julius doesn’t like his picture taken indoors, does he?

    I can totally see myself making the same mistake with the litter. I’d probably have to label the buckets with a sharpie or something.


    • Oldcat says:

      Sometimes he’s out roaming, and not even inside. Other times he is shy, and turns his head away. He tends to sit facing away from you, which shows confidence in you but is bad for pictures. If he feels snuggly, he’s right up under your chin. If he feels you are watching, he can move to meet you, moving out of frame, or squirm, which does the same thing.


  2. nadbugs says:

    I love everything about this post except that you felt irked. I tell you, this attention thing, it’s a monster. In my case, I blame menopause. It’s such a handy excuse, for all manner of ills. Your elderly friend –Nadbugs</em

    I were you, I'd have a little sit-down with Julie about this bucket-switcheroo caper. Bet menopause had absolutely nothing what so ever to do with it. Bet Julie had a paw in it. If it was me, I woulda done like that. Just to keep a paw in, know what I mean. You friend –Bugs


  3. Wazeau says:

    I’m kinda agreeing with Bugs here….. Gus has a slightly guilty look to him but it was probably Calpurnia 😛


  4. kimkiminy says:

    I once had a cat who would bury his face in the crook of my elbow when visiting the vet. SO sweet!


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