Trim Belly

Calpurnia is obviously not the one this post title is referring to…

One note –  there was a question about ‘grey on grey’ tabbies earlier and I mentioned how non-Agouti cats can display ‘ghost striping’ that shows the tabby pattern that all cats have from their Tabby gene.  You can see it in this picture, in Calpurnia’s tail. There is a distinct light and dark shading where the non-Agouti ‘overlay’ color doesn’t quite work.

What the post title does refer to was my first attempt to use the cutters on Gus’ stomach instead of the sides and back.  This time I got the good gloves out from the start – bicycle gloves with the fingers out.  But he was again surprisingly good about the process…well not good in an absolute sense, but it was a pleasant surprise.

I got some hair off the stomach, and some other areas as well.  I checked out some of the other parts I had done before and it looks like he is mat free where I  had already cut. Gus also was actually good about my recutting on the  back and sides.

One semi funny moment was when I had him upside down and he kicked the running trimmer out of my hand onto his belly.  He didn’t like the feel of that!  (The cutter didn’t nick him – just the noise and vibration was enough).

After I let him go, he went into the master bath and was sitting against the back wall watching me from there. After I cleaned up the area I went in and scratched his head and let him know I was done, and he came back out and had some treats.  A few minutes later I went upstairs again and he was lying like in the picture in the hall, so no mental scarring took place.

Julie is laughing because he actually does have a trim belly.

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6 Responses to Trim Belly

  1. Calpurnia is a full-figured girl, isn’t she? 😀 I’m sure it’s all fur… Congratulations on making progress with Gus without bloodshed!


  2. nadbugs says:

    Bugsy has that “ghost striping” too — on his tail and, in a certain light, on his flanks too. It’s so subtle I’m pretty sure I’d never get a picture of it to share, unfortunately — it’s just one more of the myriad things I love about him. Like — the stripes are just a whisper. Just a breath. I feel light and amazed when I contemplate this in him. Aren’t cats just breathtaking. Bugsy has the golden rufous haze, he has the pewter dilute-black and the cloud-like gray underfur, he has the blinding white blaze-socks-belly, and he has the ghost striping. Not to mention his pink nose or his greeny-golden eyes. Or his very being. He’s just from another magical universe, is how I feel. And your knowledge and real-world expertise just add to the wonder of all. So happy.


  3. Interesting about the stripes! Thank you for answering my question. I swear I see stripes in The Baby’s fur and she’s all white, altough it might be just the way her fur breaks. You have inspired me to try trimming Maui’s tummy. This may be the last time I am able to type for a while…


  4. Anne D says:

    Looks like Gus wanted to make sure the trimmed area was well aired out.


  5. Lurkertype says:

    Gus tummy! My favorite!

    I’m glad he’s getting better about the clippers. It’s for your own good, big boy!


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