Flashback – War Wounds

Over the last two weeks or so minlit has been telling her readers about massive Cat War Wounds and Whisker Atrocities that have taken place there recently.  I though that this would be a good day to show some similar things involving Julius Caesar.

This first one was from way back in 2004 when Julius was a young lad of only two.  I noticed a puffy swelling on one cheek that pained him to touch.  In checking it there were two small puncture wounds in the cheek under the swelling.

Well, California is rattlesnake country, and Julius does wander out into uncharted ‘waste areas’ full of scrub and bushes.  It was Sunday, so it was off to the Emergency Vet.  They investigated and it was just an abscess that they drained, but when they shaved the area, they truncated his whiskers on that side.  He was lopsided for some time after that.

I don’t like going to that vet.  It is marginally closer than my normal one, and it is open every day. Unlike my real vet, though there are dogs present, and it just isn’t as nice.  My normal vet only takes cats.  That time,  I think that there was some drifter woman trying to get them to treat a dead cat, but she wouldn’t give it to them to dispose of either.  They had some police try to talk to her.  Not fun at all, but it was a Sunday, and if it had been a snakebite so I didn’t have a lot of choice.

This wound was from 2009.  There was no abscess, just this dime sized open hole in his outer skin layer – the one the fur is attached to.  This picture is from after treatment, so the vet shaved a pretty big area to check that no other wounds or infections were about.

If I hadn’t felt it, it probably would have sealed up on its own, possibly forming an infection later.  That’s often how it goes – you don’t see the first wound, but the second or third reopening.

I’m pretty sure that this would was obtained by him scraping himself squeezing through an opening when roaming.  The wound is right where his knee bulges out if his back leg is tucked in instead of extended like it is here.  There are a lot of iron fences that he squeezes through around the pool area and the RV parking lot, and a sharp spot might have cut him on the way through.

I remember that his bare skin was very hot, even for a shaved cat.  I’ve heard that Sphinx cats have a high metabolism and are very warm to the touch…perhaps Julius has this feature too.  On the other hand, they eat a lot and Julius is not very food driven at all.

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7 Responses to Flashback – War Wounds

  1. minlit says:

    They’re a cat-alogue of disasters. Stripey is definitely the worst I’ve ever had, cos he’s so territorial. Mind you, there was the incident of Mojo’s bald bum a few years ago. We never found out what happened (he’s very discreet…)He just turned up one day with a big clump of hair missing from his rear end. No wound, fortunately. I don’t think I’d like to be looking after a cat with a septic bum!


  2. That’s a lot of war wounds you haf! Some look really painful. Eeeyow! You shure deserve a medal for braving your wounds!


  3. Lurkertype says:

    Every time I’ve had a kitty part-shaved, the skin section always seems so much warmer than the furry bits. I guess the hair insulates both ways.


  4. kimkiminy says:

    Poor biddy. It’s always hard to see them hurt.


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