One Upsmanship

It all started with Calpurnia.  She decided to sit on the tile floor this evening.  Perhaps she was trying to tug on the heartstrings – the widdle kitty forced to sleep on the cold tile instead of a warm bed…

This had little effect on cold-hearted Oldcat, but it did cause a problem for Julius.  He was in high feather and was trying to orbit the room, but that meant having to pass right by her.  When he did, she gave him a swat on the butt as he did.  The next orbit, he turned around instead of trying to pass…

This was all wrong, of course, so a few minutes later he came quietly around the same corner and reached out with his nose until it touched her back almost exactly where she bopped him.  That made her dart up the steps a little until she saw who got her.

He had a real smug look as he settled down on the des, but he closed his eyes to avoid the flash.

Gus was in the room too, but only watched.  I liked this picture even with the super laser eyes just because he’s in a good mood.

About Oldcat

Engineer with Cats
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4 Responses to One Upsmanship

  1. Nice! Good to watch them interact like that.


  2. Wazeau says:

    Poor little kitty, forced to sit on those cold tiles in her warm fur coat…


  3. Sitting on a cold, tile floor! How sad!


  4. A little bit of counting coup? That happens here a lot, but much louder and more physical! What a sweet group you’ve got!


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