Glamour Girl Calla

It has been a strange day.   I spent a lot of time playing with all three cats, taking pictures and movies, but somehow ended up with three pictures from yesterday in the post.  I found a shot I sort of liked in today’s stuff, and another that could fit, but when I looked back at yesterday’s shots for a third I found that the three pictures right before the ‘Fire Eyes” picture were really nice.  So the pictures will rewind those three instead.

So today I was playing with Calpurnia at the top of the stairs with the camera strap when Julius came up to investigate.  He started flirting with danger, first sticking is head out the bannister rails then going all the way out to sit on a little ledge.

Now this picture, just before the last, looks like a sultry siren.  She even seems to have windswept hair.

So after  I stopped playing with Calpurnia, Julius had a total bee in his bonnet about playing on the bannister, which I hate.. He straddled the gap on the bottom, making lots of noise so I would notice.  Once I was close enough to snatch him, but the second time he waited until I was downstairs and went to stand on top of the railing and then walk along it.

I showed my superior thinking by opening up the door. The chance to get out outweighed the thrill of risking death, so he came tearing downstairs. Then I shut the door in his face with him inside. Ha!

To make up I gave him a round with a fish pole string toy to wear him down a bit.  Then I noticed Gus was pretty interested too.  I tried to get a good still with him chasing it, then turned on the filming with my camera and got some nice movie footage.  I just need to do some editing on it and find a place to host if.  I’m pretty sure it is too long for Flickr.

 Another “Magazine Cover” picture from Calla.

So after all that picture-taking and interacting with the other two cats, I ended up having to stumble on these pictures from the day before.  Sometimes it is a good idea to look back at old photo sets.


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5 Responses to Glamour Girl Calla

  1. I love the windswept look, but my favorite has to be the first photo. She’s looking petulant and a little sassy.


  2. nadbugs says:

    Me too. I think it’s the strong diagonals in the first one, together with the fire eye. A real statement.


  3. littlemiao says:

    Calpurnia has such expressive floof and eyes.

    I hope Julius stays safe!


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