Elephants Upstairs

With the cooler weather one of the cat beds near the window wasn’t getting much use, so I decided to move it to on top of a little end table.  It is reachable on the little stairstep ramp I have to let Gus get up on things.  So I decided this might make him more inclined to do some exercising.

So I introduced it the other day and he sat in it for only a few minutes.  But this afternoon somebody else decided that it was a good spot!

As soon as Gus noticed her up in the spot he paid no attention to for days,  he was outraged. He alternated baleful stares at her with looks of outrage to me or disgust to the world in general.

Later all the cats were upstairs on their own when I began to hear ominous thumps and rumbles.  Since there was no yowls and hisses I guessed that Calpurnia was not involved and Gus and Julius were chasing each other around.  They were vigorous enough to knock my upstairs PC out of hibernation mode.

When I went upstairs to check Gus was lying down innocently and Julie was perched on a low bookshelf nearby.  But since I was there Julie went to the ‘door that never opens’ in the upstairs hall and asked me to open it.

It is a tiny little triangular linen closet that I don’t often go into and even less often are they around when I do.  Gus and Julie took turns poking into the corners and checking out the items.  Julie even popped up to the second shelf that is visible on the right.

This is a good example of Julie in ‘investigator mode’.

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3 Responses to Elephants Upstairs

  1. nadbugs says:

    Julius. Step away from the closet. And no one will be hurt. There’s a reason that door stays shut.


  2. It prolly WAS elephants and by the time you got up the stairs they were gone. It happens here, too!


  3. littlemiao says:

    Julius is showing off his gorgeous tail plume.


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