Gus the Bold

To continue the drama of the new bed location from the other day, look who suddenly decided that this was a good place to sit after all yesterday?  Yep, once it is popular with the crowd suddenly everyone wants a part of it.

I’m not sure what he finds so cool about the fireplace.  He has scarcely giving it a look in the ten years he’s been here but yesterday it is the thing to look at all evening.

This evening right after dinner I corralled Calla for some brushing.  When I let her go Gus  started giving her one of his looks.  It wasn’t quite ‘Zany Play’ mode or ‘Creepy Stalker’ mode…but he was watching her as she got down and moved up behind her to sniff her side.   She turned around and hissed at him twice, which was overreacting.  But then she made her mistake if she wanted to defuse things, because she moved away up the stairs toward the cat tree top.

Gus has always been a chaser.  It is what he does for fun with Julius, and there was one time years ago where I saw him in a standoff with a neighborhood cat across the width of the swimming pool.  When I came up and the other cat bolted, Gus chased him.

He forgot about the pool though and ended up in the middle of it.  I was alarmed because I didn’t have the key on me, but he ‘cat paddled’ to one of the sides and pretty deftly pulled himself out and went back inside to dry off.

So when she went, he followed and eventually was perched on the top of the tree with Calla even higher on the bookshelves.

Then he took the final jump to this position, and things got even tenser.  Calpurnia started some warning music to keep him at a distance, and after taking the picture I broke the spell by taking Gus down.

He wasn’t mad, though I’m not sure if he was really playing either.  I think he was just messing with her.  And she wasn’t too annoyed by it all.  It was all just a little excitement for the evening.

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5 Responses to Gus the Bold

  1. Oh my gosh, that happens here a lot! I always think I’ll help things by shooing the one who looks agressive, but then the other one takes it as an invite to chase! They will go for a long time just ignoring each other’s presense, then something, who knows what, sets off a series of chase me chase you!


    • Oldcat says:

      If they mutually chase, then it sounds like it is all play and you might want to let nature take its course. That happens often enough with Gus and Julius. I only interefere in those times when Julie is just sitting there and Gus bites his shoulder and Julie sits there, since he isn’t in the mood to play.

      Calla is newer, and still remembers the aggressive incidents from last year and so I defend her a little more. That isn’t how she wants to play.


  2. kimkiminy says:

    “warning music” is a great descriptive!


  3. nadbugs says:

    That last pic is priceless. What really gets me — not to mention the cats although I’m sure I’ll be hissed-at for that — is that fish. To me he’s saying: How in heck did I get in between these two? Is that person with the flashy-box going to come to MY rescue? Well? Well?


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