Warm Christmas

The cats got what they really wanted – a nice warm day where they could sit in the yard (or outside it in Julie’s case) all day long.  The day that they chopped up the trees that blocked the view is receding into memory and now they are getting used to the open view.  The mountains in the background are the Santa Monica mountains.

Calpurnia loves it when it is warm enough to hang out in the yard during the day.  She’s not the hunter that Julius is but she likes nature nonetheless.  Also having a little more elbow room away from the others can’t hurt either.  Note the two front paws – I’m not sure if that is a pigeon toe or she is on the tippy tippy toe of that left paw.

Even when they aren’t far apart, it feels more spacious.  There was another miracle this weekend – after waking up first Gus and then Calla sat with me in bed without a crisis.  Only on Christmas!

Even though the days are short there’s still enough time to relax in the sun.  And there’s more sun with no trees behind the wall anymore.

And its nice to have enough light to fill in the shot without flash issues.

All in all a very good day.

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11 Responses to Warm Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas! We hope you had a wonderful day.

    Truffle and Brulee


  2. Merry Christmas from Trish and the Kats! We got up to 60 here in Vegas, it was wonderful!


  3. kimkiminy says:

    So that’s what was in that little red box! A warm day and a spacious new view and light-filled courtyard. That view is marvelous. I love trees, but WOW. Love the second pic. Calla is such a delicate little poofball… er, vicious killer, I mean.


  4. Jo Woolf says:

    I envy your Christmas weather. And what a lovely view!


  5. On Chrissymouse Day, we not only had a wet stormy day in Melbourne, Australia, we also had hail stones that scared the furriness out of us!


  6. nadbugs says:

    . . . and for the weather report in Arkansas, Bugs spent the day in the sunshine, watching OutTV thanks to the open screen door. A very happy day indeed. So glad to hear that we shared it — except for our friends in Australia. On the downside, Bugs isn’t all that thrilled that the Bean refused to turn on InTV for any football that might be on, but as for Calpurnia’s yin-yang thing, he remembers from prior seasons that she’s good taste and less filling.


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