Back and Forth

I have a number of shots like this from yesterday where Gus is looking very concerned about noises from this direction, followed by one where he is looking to the right.  It is like he is watching a tennis match behind me.

This is just about the only one where Calpurnia is taking any notice at all.

It was time for his semi-annual vet visit today and I had to play the ‘do not make a sound while getting down the cat carrier game’ again.  He didn’t hear anything until I put it down in the kitchen so I was able to cut him off at the stairs and grab him.  He started his ‘I’m in the car on the way to the vet’ yowls before I even got him in the box.

If you thought Calla was cute normally, when she does her back stretch she’s super-cute.  I was leading her with the shot before she started to stretch and couldn’t get her all into frame.  Maybe some other day.

Speaking of “back and forth”, there was something on some blog last week that reminded me of an old e-mail “joke” called Prime Difference.  It is about a cooperative writing assignment where the female and male writer don’t cooperate very well.  With that to go on – a title, and it being about 15 years old I was pleasantly surprised that I found it pretty quickly, and the title was not even any help.  According to Snopes it is even a true story!

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4 Responses to Back and Forth

  1. Have I mentioned how adorable Calpurnia is lately???


  2. Oldcat says:

    not that I recall, no


  3. Wazeau says:

    Gus is really concentrating on something over there! Such intense eyes.


  4. littlemiao says:

    Calpurnia is so floofy it’s like she brings her own blankie wherever she goes. Always ready for a nap.


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