Forting Up

Calla has become more and more accustomed to tucking herself into the bottom basket of the big cat tree.  Even though nobody else uses it,  or goes near it unless she is inside, somehow when she is in there, there is all kinds of traffic.  Usually it is Gus, but today Julie got in trouble a couple of times with her.

The first time I was in the area and Julie jumped down right in-between us.  Calla reared up and gave him a bunch of swats on the tail and he fled at once.  He didn’t mean anything by it, but to Calla her space is her space.

So tonight I was talking to her again in her basket and Julie came up from the front this time. When he noticed her, he ducked into the little box to defend against any potential buffets.

While there is a hole on the far side, this would take him too close, so he managed to do a 180 in the box in that rubber spine way cats have.  He waited until the coast was clear, and then scooted out to a safe place.

Somehow his amazing cat senses never seem to include figuring out where the other cats are.

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8 Responses to Forting Up

  1. rubber spine, lol, yeah, I’ve seen evidence of that around here!


  2. littlemiao says:

    Awww. Maybe Julius wants to be a cuddle kitty.

    His tail is incredibly long!


    • Oldcat says:

      Yeah, it is crazy long.

      I don’t think he is affectionate, or hostile. He is so indifferent to the other cats that he literally runs into them at times They tend not to like this kind of thing.

      He did flop down in front of Gus the other day for a head wash, which is rare, and Gus gave him one without biting him, which is also very rare. He and Calla do some swatting when they collide in doorways or cat trees, but that’s about it.

      He has been pretty snuggly with me, though.


  3. Jo Woolf says:

    I love the multi-legged partridge-quail-thing that Calpurnia has obviously savaged and dragged to her bed!


    • Oldcat says:

      It used to be on the end of a wand as a teaser toy, but Julius bit into it real hard one day and pulled it right off the wand. He’s rough on the few toys he deigns to play with.


  4. Our Grayce is the same as Callie…personal space is a PRIORITY and woe betide intruders of such!


  5. Oh my God, you have a blog dedicated to your cats. You are instantly my favourite.
    Your cat DOES have a long tail.
    I seriously could watch my cats all day long. They are so funny in their rubber spine ways.


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