New Year’s Resolution

Julius has to think very carefully about what this year’s New Year’s Resolution is going to be..what path will he take on his voyage of self improvement?

It’s going to be to be even more annoyingly difficult to get a picture of!   In this one, he rolled his head back as the camera started to work to look at the television.  He never looks at the television.

The next shot he got up and walked out of frame before the camera managed to take the picture.

And then he decided that this table topper was the only thing worth looking at as the camera was working.

I’ll fix him – I’ll just substitute pictures from the web and see if anyone notices. Look at Julie – isn’t he cute!

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6 Responses to New Year’s Resolution

  1. Wow – Julius looks as young as a kitten these days! What does he eat?


  2. lol! Hmm, what a youthful picture of him you have there….. Must be a trick of the light that has him looking so much lighter in color too!


  3. nadbugs says:

    That’ll teach him to turn up his nose. Cuteness overload — and it’s completely out of his paws. Do you think he knows? cares? Never mind. I’m laughing.


  4. ha ha ha! Now I know what to threaten my kitties with!


  5. Lurkertype says:

    Julie already knows he’s perfect. He’s coming up with resolutions for you.


  6. kimkiminy says:

    He’s suddenly SO cute! And small…


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