Julie Learns his Lesson

After the problem the other day with not sitting still for pictures, today Julie was a lot better at posing.

I think he’s hoping that if he looks cute enough, he will get to go outside tonight.  He was out pretty late last night, though.  I had to go out and whistle a bit and he did come back though after a minute. He’s never done that before.

But it is not to be.  Julie can just feel his body losing that hunting edge from disuse creeping up.

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10 Responses to Julie Learns his Lesson

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    He’s a very handsome cat. Love the second pic!


  2. That cat’s like mine, but FLUFFIER! awwww so cute!!


  3. littlemiao says:

    LOL. He looks resigned to a quiet evening in the last photo.

    Love his ear tufts!


    • Oldcat says:

      He usually spends a while demonstrating at the door on those days, often showing me how to open it by standing up and putting his two paws on the doorknob and rubbing it, and meowing. Then he accepts it with semi-good grace. It’s only if he hasn’t been out in a while he starts trying to escape, so I try and find a way to give in before it gets that far.


  4. kimkiminy says:

    That’s one tired-looking kitty. He must have been very busy during the night.


    • Oldcat says:

      I’m sure if I cracked open a door he’d have recovered nicely in an instant. But he does have that “melting boneless cat” pose he does from time to time down pat.


  5. I love the second photo … it’s like the look in his eyes is saying “You may have the upper hand now, but I shall have my turn.”

    I had a cat about 20 years ago who was the first that I trained to come when I whistle. Right now, my latest project is to make one come when I sing a particular song, and he’s learning fast. Who said cats aren’t trainable?


  6. Boneless, that describes it! adorable!


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