Calla versus Laundry

I had a basket of folded laundry out which drew the attention of the cats.  Even Calpurnia was induced to come down and grab a bed on top of it.   I put an old towel on top so that the clean stuff won’t get too much cat hair on it.

They prefer laundry to any of the cat beds around.

It doesn’t take long before they are asleep once they climb in.

In other news, I recently ordered a new water fountain for the cats.  I noticed that Gus and Julie were showing signs of acne.  This is often linked to plastic, and the only plastic the cats use is the fountains.  In fact, Gus would rest his chin on the edge of the old fountain and drink and sleep there for a long time.

This one is ceramic, and dishwasher safe.  Gus spent a while drinking from it as I took pictures, so it is a hit in that respect.

At its current setting, it is a little noisy, as the top bubbles up about an inch before running down the top in a small rivulet.  The force can be turned down, which might make it quieter.

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13 Responses to Calla versus Laundry

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Gracie just loves sleeping on Rich’s clothes. She must like his smell on them.
    Do they make any of those fountains battery-powered?


  2. Clean laundry is the best cat bed!
    Sleeps on the fountain? seriously? that must be a sight, lol!


  3. littlemiao says:

    Laundry always makes a comfy nap spot!

    A ceramic water fountain sounds like a great idea. My father used to have a plastic one for the Miao Brothers but over time it was harder and harder to clean. I’ve also seen stainless steel ones. If we get another (and I think they are a good idea) we will get a non-plastic one.


    • Oldcat says:

      The model I have and in the picture comes in stainless as well.

      Fountains are especially good to encourage elderly cats to drink to avoid stressing the kidneys.


      • littlemiao says:

        The health reasons are why we originally used the fountain. I think Sprocket would have lots of fun splashing in it – not sure if that would be good or bad. He already has plenty of fun with the water dishes. We have solid non-tipsy ones but he still manages to flood the floor ever few days.

        I will do some research with the links you gave. the amazon one certainly looks affordable, but maybe my Miaos want something unique (the frog fountain on your first link is pretty cute!).


      • Oldcat says:

        I haven’t had a lot of problems with splashing, but my cats didn’t do it with water dishes. Gus does spill water glasses if he wants the water.

        One reason cats do have the instinct to splash at the water is to clear off any scum or junk on the water surface, and the clear flowing water of the main spout might mean he would not need to paw at it to clean the top.


      • Oldcat says:

        I had some friends who had a cat that loved to splash water, so they kept a tupperware tub of water in the bathtub so he could splash without causing a problem when the urge struck.


      • littlemiao says:

        I didn’t know about the splashing instinct. That makes lots of sense. I’ve noticed other Miaos approach a water mug and make paw motions almost like they are kneading. They don’t necessarily touch the water with their paws. I wonder what that is connected too…

        Sprocket’s splashing is very playful, though. He likes barreling across the floor and bowling into dishes, including water dishes. He also likes playing in the tub and the sink, especially when the tap is on. I think he would really enjoy a water tub in the tub. I’ll have to try that sometime – let him splash to his heart’s content without making a mess.


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