I think the groomer might have taken off a little more than I wanted.

….just kidding!  Actual pictures later tonight.

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7 Responses to Um..

  1. Lordy, what we humans do to animals… I’m sure kitten is lovely, but…aaaa. No.


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Not funny!


  3. Wow. That’s really something.


  4. I had to come back for another look… I feel oddly drawn to the kitten – I bet she’d be super soft and peach-fuzzy to touch. But then I also have an irrational fear that it might be contagious…

    Surely there’s a genetics lesson in here, Oldcat. Why is that failed black cat’s nose black? Or maybe it’s a failed orange cat?


    • Oldcat says:

      Hard to say – it could be a cow cat, and has a black spot there, or a tabby kitten and the nose hasn’t converted to the red with black outline color typical to tabbies. An orange cat would normally have a reddish nose.

      The blue eyes are either photoshop, from it being a kitten, or from the pointed gene. Perhaps it is a ‘seal point and the dark face hasn’t come in? I’m not an expert on how naked cat breeds look.

      It’s not contagious, of course, the various Sphynx mutations can’t be spread from cat to cat. The breeders are just keeping a trait that shows up from time to time alive by caring for the cats that would presumably have a tough time without help.

      The other thing you would notice on touching one is how warm they are – any cat with a shaved spot seems warm to the touch because of their higher body temp, but Sphynx cats have a higher metabolism than most cats and are warmer still.


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