Why Cameras Have Straps

So today Calla was playing Julie’s game of being all squinty and dour looking when the flash goes off, even in the day when the flash wasn’t even all that bright.  But for her there is a certain antidote for that – the camera strap!

I waved it a couple of times, and she couldn’t keep it up on her end.

In fact she soon got so involved with it that she forgot all about the camera, which has its own problems with portraiture.

Here’s a lucky shot – it’s very hard to get a shot of her digging at a piece of carpeting.  I love the way her back does almost a U shape…it is even a more complete U when she does it on the side of the cat tree.

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17 Responses to Why Cameras Have Straps

  1. Oh my gosh is she adorable! Leo loves the camera strap too, ruins a lot of shots.. I love the butt in the air chest down scratchy pose, too cute!


  2. Now that’s a proper cat tail – puffy enough to look soft and adorable, yet sturdy enough to break small knick-knacks in a single swipe!


    • Oldcat says:

      I’ve never seen tail fur like hers – it never gets long enought to look ‘plumey’ like Julie’s and Gus’ or other Persians. The hair goes straight out like a bottle brush.


  3. Wazeau says:

    Did she stick a paw into the electrical socket before extending into that last pose? I mean good lord, that tail! And look at the circumFURence on her front legs as she reaches for the cord. So impressive.


  4. nadbugs says:

    Nah. Photoshopped.


  5. kimkiminy says:

    And you can see her shape now!


  6. That stretch looks SO satisfying! I sure wish I was a cat.


  7. I like the way that you can actually get yours to stay still for long enough to take the portraits that you do! When I try and photograph mine, they see me attempting to focus on them and come running straight over for some attention – too willful by half 😉


    • Oldcat says:

      Julius is a lot like that – I have lots of pictures of where he was ten seconds ago.

      Try putting them up above you on a shelf or table top and look up at them. They tend to peer over the edge and not move so much, even kittens. Or take the pictures when they are doing something else more interesting, like looking out a window.

      These days most of the pictures are post dinner, when the cats are usually pretty placid.


      • nadbugs says:

        Or you could go for broke and place them on top of the nearest door. Ones with views outdoors only, naturally. –Bugs


      • I did finally manage to get a shot of one of the prime suspects last night when I applied one of your very good pieces of advice. I put him on a table last night, and asked Mum to give him some treats. He was so intent on getting what he wanted that he didn’t even turn to look at me (let alone move) until I activated the flash, which made him turn around and gave me a very good shot. Perseverance (not to mention bribery) is playing off!


      • Oldcat says:

        I look forward to seeing the picture!


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