Sweet Award

Calpurnia here shows off her sweet nature by looking like she’s gonna bust me one.

Actually, she is just pretty tired out and about to nap.

The charming Andrea from the Celestial Kitties blog has nominated me for an award. The Lief Award comes from the Dutch(?) word for “Sweet”.

Thanks, Andrea!   She’s in Ohio, where I grew up long ago.

After I got the award I started saying “LIEF” very loudly. Soon the cats made themselves scarce until I gave it up.

In turn I am going to pass the award on to some fine blogs:

I also made an award roundup page that sits under the about page on the menu.

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7 Responses to Sweet Award

  1. Hahahha she looks pissed!


  2. I wonder what the Dutch word for surly is… Maybe they were focusing on Gus???

    Congrats to you all anyway!


  3. nadbugs says:

    We love Andrea. You know why.


  4. Wazeau says:

    She does look a mite peeved… but fuzzy!


  5. Yay! you certainly deserve it! She looks like a sleepy kitty!


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