Cat Flop

When Gus decides to lie down, he often goes all the way down.  Even lying on his stomach is too tall – instead he flops on his side for maximum contact.  It isn’t tiredness – you can see that he is pretty interested in what is going on out the open doorway to the back yard.  Just not so interested as to raise his head.

Even an annoying photographer isn’t enough to deserve more than a slight shift in the direction of the eyes.

His morning medicine has been going on well for nearly a week now.  He isn’t getting tired of the process yet, and the odd treat of a bit of milk helps out too.  While I can’t tell if the treatment is helping the original condition, at least the side effects are minimal.  The dire itching hasn’t happened, and the others seem minor so far.

There does seem to be a change in his mood – he seems less inclined to guard the dry food bowls that Calpurnia prefers and hang out elsewhere.  This seems to be making her a little more relaxed.  As the weather warms up and they can roam out back in the evenings things might get even more relaxed.

Even this position is a small step forward – recently she has been moving further over to the shelves to be farther from Gus doing his creepy staring thing from the other side of the bannister.

I like the way her tail is curling in a U around the inside and outside the basket.

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10 Responses to Cat Flop

  1. You must be relieved to see that Gus is tolerating the medicine well. 🙂

    Gus has some fabulous whiskers there… And I like that Calpurnia’s tail overfloweth.


  2. Wonderful news about the meds!
    As for the fast flop, oh my gosh! Leo is the first cat I’d ever seen do that! I thought he was alone in his odd quirk. When he’s ready to lay down, plop, he’s down, chin on the floor/bed/couch/whatever! No messing about for this boy! Or Gus it seems! MOL


  3. Lurkertype says:

    Our big floofy guy used to do the fast side flop too. But didn’t have Dali whiskers.

    I love how cats think their tails are prehensile, as seen in the last photo of Calla.


  4. Michelle P. says:

    Hooray for Gus feeling better! He is quite amusing surveying his kingdom like that! Calla sure is maxed out. Does she think the tail is holding her in? LOL!


  5. Perhaps Gus is conserving energy for a mad dash later on? My May Ling does the same tail curl, maybe it’s a Meezer thing.


  6. kimkiminy says:

    I love the way her face is smashed into the basket.


  7. Cal’s tail looks like a handle for her teacup (ie basket). Glad to hear that Gus is doing okay 🙂


  8. Bellen says:

    Your Gus has fur similar to my Renn’s. As for flopping, my Josie does that, but only when she wants attention, or when it’s play-time. She plays only while lying down. I hope Gus’s hyperthyroidism doesn’t develop any further – but at least he’s tolerating his medicine.


    • Oldcat says:

      Thanks for the kind thoughts, and welcome to the Blog.

      I’ve only had one other cat live longer than Gus, and it was at about this age that she developed chronic issues herself. Its part of being elderly, cat or human.


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