Julius a.k.a “Mister Wiggles”

Julius gets the short end of the photo biz, because he spends a lot of time wandering outside and a lot of the remainder asleep.  He does have an interesting trait that I have not seen on any other cat — he is an ‘auto-petting’ cat.

When he is in the mood, I can stand a foot away and move my fingers like I am scratching him and he will rub around just like I actually am petting him there.  Here he is auto-scratching his shoulders.

His rolls and squirms can be pretty abrupt.  When I pressed the shutter here, he was in the same position as in the shot above.  In the time the camera calculated the exposure, he rolled all the way over and stretched all his legs out wide.  I had to move the camera and got him back in frame before the picture was ruined.

He has a similar habit when I get home most days.  Usually he’s down in the kitchen when I get in from the car in the evening, waiting at the door.  The others stay in, but he’s too worked up to stay put.  As I walk in, he runs out of the kitchen into the living room and claws at the scratching post like a maniac for about 30 seconds.

The pent-up energy must almost make him burst, because he really makes the 4 foot tall tree rock.

You have to be a little careful when he’s in this mood – he sometimes forgets to pull in his claws when swatting about and he can snag you by accident.  As you can see by this shot where he lunged forward but missed…by a little.

Get a load of that face..and then those claws.  He’s a wild child.

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9 Responses to Julius a.k.a “Mister Wiggles”

  1. Auto-petting! Great new term!
    Wild kitty in that last picture, I can almost feel those claws!


  2. littlemiao says:

    I have never seen auto-petting in action. Heehee!


  3. Wazeau says:

    Awesome last photo of the wild child! I love that look – I see it often.


  4. Anne D says:

    That last is a great picture. How old is Gus anyway? My cat is turning15 this month. We and my son had a Himmie mutt who made it to 17–alpha girl who terrorized the neighborhood until she was about 15. One time I had to return a cat’s collar to a neighbor whose cat Ana had chastised.


  5. kimkiminy says:

    Full-out crazy-kitty mode! Love how he’s licking his nose, too.


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