Semi-Famous Gus

I don’t know how deeply the average blogger watches the stats that WordPress gives you.  I follow them in a general way myself, keeping an eye on what pages are looked at, what images are clicked.  Every once in a while I would see a picture from an old post be clicked, or the same old post get a hit.

This morning  I looked at it a bit more closely and saw that this post has been getting a continual drizzle of hits ever since it was posted.  It has crawled up the rankings slowly.  Well I found out why – it is because the post comes up for the search ‘shaved tuxedo cat’ and the picture of Gus shaved from a lion cut in 2010 is the #1 image for that search (on the search program I was using, anyway).

I’m not having hairless pictures on the internet is the kind of fame he was looking for, but it is something.

Calla was upstairs on the stump cat tree.  I started to tease her with the ‘cat o three and a half tails’ that came with some toy.  There used to be four full leather strips, but Julius overdid it when playing with it, first biting the strip in half in about 20 seconds, and then getting my fingers with a pawful of claws since the stick is very short.

The top of this stump is lumpy carpet that the cats seem to find pretty comfortable.  Calla likes it since it has a window view and is out of Gus’ reach these days.

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11 Responses to Semi-Famous Gus

  1. choconutmeg says:

    Kitty! He’s beeeyoootiful and adorable looking!


  2. So there are a lot of people looking for naked tux kitties… I’m not sure if I should be scared…
    Cat o’ three and a half tails! MOL!


  3. littlemiao says:

    Heehee. Maybe Chun should take inspiration from Gus for his next step towards modeling fame. I wonder, will his stripes show up on his skin?


    • Oldcat says:

      Not that I’ve seen – it is a uniform tint for tabbies, not as pink as where the fur is white.


      • littlemiao says:

        Well, that’s not nearly as cool as a nekkid tuxkitty. but what about Calpurnia’s colorpoints? Would she get to keep them if she decided to go a little more radical with the seasonal de-floofing?


      • Oldcat says:

        I was trying to remember that myself. I remember there was a difference between the white and creme areas on the body when she was cut close for mats when I got her. They have shaved parts of a leg for blood tests, but I don’t remember if that was darker than the skin on the body.

        My guess is that there isn’t a difference at the skin.

        Here is a picture of a colorpoint sphynx with white – the points and body appear the same to me.


      • Holy cow-spotted cat! That’s quite a photo, Oldcat.


      • littlemiao says:

        I never would have guessed that that Sphinx is a colorpoint! When Tashi the Siamese had his leg shaved for bloodwork, there was still a few millimeters of fur left so you couldn’t really see the skin underneath. So, Sprocket would be black and white underneath his coat and Chun would be pink.


      • Oldcat says:

        The blue eyes with the two toned skin is the clue – aside from the rare ojo azules, blue eyed cats must be mostly white and thus be pinkish almost all over. Pointed cats get the blue eyes without being all white, and dodge the deafness too.


  4. kimkiminy says:

    I have an old post from 2006 that always gets hits:
    Apparently, lots of people are searching for cartoon penises! Go figure.


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