Julius Unbound

I keep getting the idea that this blog doesn’t do Julie justice.  He’s usually a bit player in the posts, almost comic relief.  And that isn’t inaccurate – when inside Julie is relaxed and yields easily to everyone’s demands nearly all of the time.

But outside he grows to justify his name.  He’s larger than the yard, too large for my little camera to catch more than flashes.  Out there he’s the emperor, and even I am no longer the boss.

Gus likes being outside, Calla loves being outside, but Julius needs to be outside.  He’s only partly himself without the outside.  In earlier years, when the shrubs outside the front door were tall and wide, he would still vault over them when I let him out in a single huge bound, clearing the bushes by a foot or more.

It wasn’t that he hated being inside — he would usually be coming back in just a few hours, and be happy to be inside with us.  But that other need can’t be blocked forever.

I love this picture, where his spider senses have put him on full alert over something over the wall.  His neck is stretched out so far!

He’s my wild child.

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14 Responses to Julius Unbound

  1. kasmango says:

    What a beautiful cat! He looks like the long lost cousin of my kitty, Donovan! Great photos!


  2. Michelle P. says:

    He is a handsome fella for sure!


  3. Nice that he lets you believe you’re in charge inside the house, Oldcat. That’s very diplomatic of him.


  4. Jo Woolf says:

    Beautiful photos of Julius. They bring out his lovely colouring and his real character. I can see that this is his natural element!


  5. He looks wonderful with the breeze in his fur, and that alert stretched out neck is absolutly adorable!


  6. kimkiminy says:

    I know exactly what you mean about that need. He looks so regal and content outside. Definitely had a bead on something!


  7. Wazeau says:

    Love that last photo! So on alert… and the sparkly whiskers!


  8. Anne D says:

    What a wise post.! There are many cats like him that NEED the outside. I often wonder when I watch “Cat From Hell” if some of the behavior problems would not be solved with more outside time, if the owners and pets were in a safe enough area to allow it.


  9. littlemiao says:

    Wow, I love the picture of Julius against the blue sky.

    It’s great to see him in his element.


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