In and Out

If you thought the grinning Julius in his cartoon image was strange, just tale a look at this!

It was a pretty lazy day at home, but something interesting did happen during my evening walk.  I ran into a couple of neighbor cats.  One was an orange and white, probably a male, and the other a grey tabby that  I took for a female.

They were pretty young – just past kitten stage but still very young.  As I walked up the sidewalk towards them they were careful but not fearful.  The orange guy moved aside onto the lawn, but the grey stood fast.

This is one of Calla’s favorite tree poses – sideways in the half-pipe bed.

When I was in graduate school years ago the first summer I had to leave my cat Cassie behind.  Many evenings I would walk along the streets and spot the neighborhood cats taking care of their business.  Some would just watch, but very often  I could get them to come up for a pat or a scratch under the chin.  It was like a tonic.

When I got to the point where  I saw she was about to move away I bent a little and extended my hand, palm down.  She leaned back until I closed the fingers – sold!  The next thing she did was walk up and rub against the hand.

Then the boy decided I was alright and came down for a pet too.  A little later and both of them treated me to a roll over.

When I moved on down the street, the girl came along for the walk.  Sometimes she lagged behind, sometimes she darted ahead.   I thought I had found her house when she stopped and let me go ahead a house or so, but I turned to look back and she decided to come on farther.

Then a garage door between us opened up and a car started to reverse out.  The silly cat even moved up to investigate the opening door.  I went back to block the driveway until the cat moved on.

In another few houses she crossed the street and she went up to a house there.  I suppose this is her house, or one she visits a lot.

It’s nice to have friendly neighbors!

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4 Responses to In and Out

  1. minlit says:

    There are 17 houses on our street and 6 resident cats, but probably more than that again visit regularly. I would describe relations as ‘requiring diplomatic intervention’ in most instances!


  2. Julius is gonna bust a spring with that yawn!


  3. Bellen says:

    I have taken pictures (purely by chance) when my cats have been yawning, and even the cutest and most timid becomes a tiger in that frozen pose. Actually, Tucker, my roly-poly, looks like Amanda Bierce in the last scene of the original “Fright Night” – not something I’d like to wake up to in the dark. Fortunately, it’s always just a yawn, and my little tigers are pussy-cats, after all.


    • Oldcat says:

      I haven’t gotten a picture of it, but I think Calpurnia gets even wider when she yawns. She pitches her head back so you can see the roof of the mouth, and the jaw goes pretty far down, or so it seems.


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