Wanna hear what I just found out?!

This banana is totally full of catnip!

Don’t tell anyone!

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9 Responses to Psst!

  1. Gus is looking a little like he had a niptini or four…


  2. Don’t worry, that doopy expression and glazed over eyes don’t give it away at all….


  3. nadbugs says:

    First shot and text are hilarious. I love it when the cat gesture and the human idea match so perfectly.


  4. Our lips are sealed!

    Wanna know Mommy’s secret? Johnson and Kona are getting shaved tomorrow! Pix forthcoming…


  5. Lurkertype says:

    Gus’ rumpled fur and stoned expression remind me of an aging hippie. Like Gus started with the catnip bananas in the 60s and saw no reason to stop now, man.


  6. kimkiminy says:

    Looks like a big yellow spliff.


  7. Michelle P. says:

    I love that look! LOL!


  8. littlemiao says:

    Can’t get much better than a catnip banana!


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