Two Years of Calla

This week is the second anniversary of Calpurnia coming to live with me.  On the 20th of February in 2010 I drove into the valley looking for the city shelter, with the Petfinder information for two cats that I was going to choose from.

Calpurnia was the only one of the two I could find there. Nobody working there even seemed to know where the other one might be. This made me even more interested in getting her out of there as soon as possible.

Of course, it wasn’t that easy.  There was some strange back and forth about getting her fixed.  At first they said that this would take a day and cost some money.  Then decided to have their local vet look for a surgical scar, so they shaved a band on her stomach from the head to tail to look.  Why they thought the scar would be near the chest is a good question.

After being unable to find the scar, they decided to just believe the turn-in report saying that she was fixed, and I could take her home once I paid the twenty-two dollar fee

If you thought Calla was furry before her annual haircut last month you should have seen her then…like in the above picture.  See where her dark tail meets the light hair in back?  That is where her spine is.  You could stick your fingers above her back and the entire fingers will be buried in the fur before touching her spine.

She was a strange combination of care and neglect.  She had not been abandoned outside like a lot of rescue Persians I have seen.  But she had mats the size of my fists on each side of her body and little ones behind them.  It was like she was wearing hobbles on her legs.

I didn’t take any pictures the first day, partly because I hadn’t found where my camera was stored.  But she needed some time to unwind after the long drive home.  In her room she tended to hang out in the closet.  It is right next to the furnace, so it was warm and snug.  When I was in to visit, she would come out to greet me, so she wasn’t too scared.

Sunday morning I was surprised to find tha despite the mats, despite the reputation of Persians as being ground loving cats, Calla had some unexpected surprises in store.  She was up on top of my shelves.  Sure, she can’t lie down right because of mats, but she can launch herself to the window sill in one jump like a furry missile, and then again from there up to the top of the shelves, just under the ceiling.

Then to complete the metaphor, when I sat down in the room to read she would fling herself down like a 8 pound fur bomb onto the little sofa next to me.

But this was going to be a stressful week for her – two haircuts and two vet visits in four days, plus a new house and rude boy cats!

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19 Responses to Two Years of Calla

  1. minlit says:

    Here’s to many more!


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Calpurnia was so lucky you found her. I can’t imagine someone wanting to abandon her – she’s so beautiful.


  3. Happy anniversary Calla!! Such a lovely leaper! MOL


  4. Congratulations on your anniversary! (How could anyone abandon a creature as lovely as her?)


  5. 7theaven says:

    Supreme CUTENESS!


  6. Michelle P. says:

    I am so glad you did adopt her! She is wonderful! Our Sylvia Joy (who dislikes other cats) was hidden so well at the shelter when we adopted her that she would have been unnoticed save for a volunteer who pointed her out to us. We have loved every minute with her. So here is to many, many years with your beautiful girl!


  7. We are so happy you found her!!! Concats on 2 years!! And purrs to many more!


  8. nadbugs says:

    Shelters . . . that part of your post was a bit nerve-wracking. So I’m dwelling instead on your having found her and cared for her beauty. Well, well done.


  9. kimkiminy says:

    Happy anniversary, Calla! You made a good choice in your peep.


  10. GtnCo. says:

    we think Cal is so purrty! how good of you to rescue her even through all that trouble and knowing she had special grooming needs!


  11. Wazeau says:

    Such beautiful eyes. (Am I the only one wanting to get my paws on your library though? Go go Asimov…)


    • Oldcat says:

      If you want the advanced bragging rights, figure out whose books are in the other picture of Calla!

      Hint – they are all or almost all by the same author


      • Wazeau says:

        Hrmph. My TOR/DelRey stuff leans more towards fantasy – Donaldson, Goodkind, Brooks, Erickson, Jordon – then alternate history sci-fi. But you gotta tell me know or I will go crazy trying to figure it out.


      • Oldcat says:

        It took even me a little bit, but I think that is part of the Harry Harrison section.
        You can see the HA in the second book on the right, and half of two H’s in the second from the left. I’m pretty sure that one is a ‘alternate Civil War’ book of his.

        I’m pretty sure the third from the right is “Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers”, a parody of old time SF. On my Kindle I recently read the book he was stealing the plot from.


  12. Lily Le Mew says:

    Happy Anniversary Calla!


  13. littlemiao says:

    Happy Callaversary!

    I was also under the impression that Persians don’t like climbing and jumping. Merlin doesn’t, and when I was little my parents had two ground-loving Persians. I thought maybe having shorter legs gave them trouble with heights. But Calpurnia is extraordinary in all respects and there is no better vantage to display her beauty than on a bookcase or kitty tree.


    • Oldcat says:

      She can’t vault quite as far as Julius can with his long legs and body, but she can jump pretty far. And where she can’t make it in one go, she clambers up – she shinnies up the cat tree in the middle of the room where Julie leaps from the ground directly.

      Calla seems to have the passion to overcome any problems her stature causes. Anatomy is not always destiny!


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