Serious Business

What has got Calpurnia concentrating so strongly on her task?  Why the intense focus?

Making Biscuits, That’s What!!

Yesterday there was a pretty amusing interaction between Calpurnia and Julius, who normally leaves everyone alone to their own affairs.  Calla was lying in front of the TV, and Julius moved up to smell the banana toy but he was a little too close.  Calla sat up and gave him a round-eyed stare.

Julie froze for a moment, then very carefully fade back a step.  He then flowed around the edges of the room forward, past where she was lying and behind the TV area and finally stopped on the far side, having circled all the way directly behind her.

Then he rushed right past her head from the back, making a victorious little trill.  She tried to score a swat on his tail as he rushed by But she was not fast enough and he was away safe and sound.

Score one for the tiger!

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5 Responses to Serious Business

  1. MOL! Yay for Julie! Show her you’re not afraid!
    Leo, who seems like the put upon, always attacked one, is very fond of reaching out and tapping Star on the butt when she doesnt know he’s there and totally freaking her out! He usually gets away too!
    Let’s hear it for fast boys!


  2. Oh the games felines play! I always enjoy watching their interactions.
    Johnny is LOVING having all his fur gone, I guess it really must have been a drag to take care of all that fur. He is certainly lighter, too! Thanks for bucking up my courage to get it done, he’s like a kitten again, thundering around the house.


    • Oldcat says:

      You’re welcome – I bet he likes it even more as it warms up where you are.

      I imagine it will be easier for everyone around the next time, now that they’ve had it once. But Johnny may be set for nearly a year if he grows out at the rate Gus does.


  3. littlemiao says:

    She’s got big paws for being a small kitty. Or maybe it’s just the paw floof!


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