Best Spot Ever

I cleaned some of the little throw rugs and tossed them onto the stairs to take the rest of the way later.  Minutes later Calla had claimed the stack as the new best place in the house. The noggin-scratcher is an added bonus.

I makes a great place for duels with the camera strap.

…meanwhile I was spending a lot of the day investigating the picture download issue.  I finally went with Picasa on the portable.  It is even faster than the old camera software and detects what has been loaded on its own.

It even has a funny automatic face detection that runs in the background.  It seems to pick up pictures on the spines of books and on DVD cases from tiny images.

It looks like the slow load on Windows 7 is either a Win 7 issue or an issue with my camera’s interface.  Window’s own program takes about an hour and a half to load.  Other programs seem to get stuck and fail totally.  I spent a lot of the day loading and unloading programs and wondering if I was waiting long enough before giving up.

This camera strap is mine!

…Not much time for the kitties, or much fun either.  At least one of the computers is in a good mood.

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8 Responses to Best Spot Ever

  1. Oh she’s so cute playing with that camera strap! I had to take mine off or every time Leo heard the camera open he’d run to me to play! Now I cant find the strap… I wonder if he has anything to do with that?
    Glad you got your picture/camera/download issue sorted out!


  2. We cats pick our spots… and then they’re OURS!!!!! hehehe


  3. Wazeau says:

    Orange catnip worm sighting! Was it actually in use? My cats laughed at it and never touched it.


  4. A pile of throw rugs is any self-respecting Cat’s idea of heaven!


  5. OUr mom is still trying to figure out how to use her cameras.

    Truffle and Brulee


  6. littlemiao says:

    Calpurnia looks quite impressive with the camera strap and orange worm in the last photo.


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