What’s Up?

That’s what Julie was asking most of the time yesterday as I was bouncing from room to room checking if camera A worked on computer B and around looking for things in cupboards and closets.

He had to follow everywhere, sticking his head in everything I opened and peeking in, going into rooms I went into and rushing around past me to explore them.  Sure it is interesting, but today he’s just as happy that I’m sitting still and he can sit on my lap.

I think the slow loading in Win7 is an effect of the large files I have on my camera’s disk.  I found some entries saying that Win7’s default drivers can run into trouble above 4GB.  I did take the camera into work and prove that it is also slow on the Win7 machine there.  From the info I found, it is easy enough to load a new driver, but that’s for later.

Or I could delete some of those pictures off the camera.

Calla, too, likes a quiet evening rather than a frantic one.

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6 Responses to What’s Up?

  1. Wazeau says:

    You may think he wanted your warm lap but I thik he’s eyeing your chicken wrap!


  2. Cat's Cats says:

    Cats always have to be involved in everything that’s going on..it makes me smile! Thank you for your blogoversary wishes 🙂


  3. kimkiminy says:

    “So much activity! Are you looking for a mouse you lost? Need help?”


  4. littlemiao says:

    Awww, Calpurnia and her heart! So cute.

    When I open cupboards, Chun always tries to hop inside.


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