Sacktime Julie

Today was a kind of slow day and only Julie came down to hang out with me and my headache in the afternoon.  Julius was very helpful in pressing down the clean laundry under the orange blanket.

Something funny and maybe a bit sad happened last night.  I was reading blogs and clicked on the video from this post from a blog I had not run into before.

The video has a very loud little kitten in it, and after a moment Calpurnia came up and was obviously trying to find the kitten.  She triangulated to the speaker pretty closely, then figured she must be mistaken and went hunting further on for the kitten.

I got her and played it again with her right in front and she again homed in on my round tennis ball sized speakers and even put her nose right up to it, but there was no kitten.  I then stopped the video and she gave up looking.  It made me wonder if she had been a momma cat before I adopted her, or maybe was around a lot of kittens for a time?  Or is it just instincts?

Julius never gives these things any credence, and only when Calla started hunting around did he show any interest, and then it was probably wondering what she was up to.

I guess that is the down side of adopting an adult cat – you don’t know the history enough to know what will affect them.

Oops – forgot to mention that I added a new header picture.  This one features Julius.

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7 Responses to Sacktime Julie

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Even kitties who’ve never had kittens react that way to mewing little ones sometimes.

    Does Julie react to prey noises on the computer or TV?


    • Oldcat says:

      Not very much – I have seen him ‘watching’ the big TV but never react to it like it was real. Of course, I don’t watch that much nature shows that might catch his interest in that way.

      In general, thought, he restricts himself to the real thing. He’s never show even a tiny interest in a laser pointer dot.


  2. I love the ‘racing’ stripes at Julies eyes! Awesome profile!!
    Star reacts the same way to kittens on the computer. She goes for the speakers more than the actual moving kitten on the screen, though she does look at them. She will come running from upstairs if she hears kittens. She was a mommy before I got her, in fact, we thought she was one of the ‘free kittens’ but she wound up being the ‘free mommy’. She also watches animals on tv, baby bears make her run toward the tv!
    Leo could care less. I think the difference has more to do with him being a guy rather than that she was a mom. I think most female kitties might react to the cry. I could be wrong..


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Maybe Calla wanted to eat the kitten…


  4. Wazeau says:

    That first photo of Julius is wonderful, the color of his eyes and the color of the blanket protecting your laundry reflecting each other.


  5. littlemiao says:

    LOLz. Calla was confuzzled!

    I love Julius’ glowing yellow eyes. And his general floofiness.


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