365 Posts

I warned you that there were a lot of events coming up…this is my 365th post.  It is still a little while until the official 1 year anniversary of the blog in April, so I guess I am averaging a tad over a post a day.

I was trying to get Calla to play with the camera strap, but it appears that she seems to prefer her catnip mouse instead…

Hmm…maybe the camera strap would be fun too…

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes on Gus’ birthday yesterday.  So far he has escaped any real health problems until this hyperthyroidism.  I suppose I should go to the vet and get some pills.  His ears are healed up, so I should be able to see if the pills cause any reaction.

I can play with both at the same time!

Calla is a multitasker.

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3 Responses to 365 Posts

  1. I must have missed something. Pills for hyperthyroidism is causing his ear problems? Or did I misread?
    Calla, anything you want to play with is fine! you’re such a lovely little lady, we just want to look at you no matter what you’re doing!


    • Oldcat says:

      Instead of pills, the medicine was put in a creme and applied to the ears, except for a week or so. With such a strong reaction he’s having to the topical treatment, I would not be suprised if the pills cause problems too.

      Giving him a chance to heal up will at least let me tell early if something is happening.


  2. FYI – I dropped a Versatile Blogger award on you at my site. Always here to support the cat blogs!

    Feel free to ignore it though 🙂 I’m not huge on sticking to those obligations.


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