Julius and the Catnip Mouse

The other cats seem to be taking more notice of the landing and the catnip mouse there.  I was holding it up earlier today for Calpurnia, dangling it by the tail and she would swat at it to make it jump.  After that, Gus lay down on the blue checkered mat for a while, which isn’t common.  Since I didn’t have a post ideas in mind I was thinking of repeating the Calla session when Julie parked himself right over the mouse.

He hasn’t paid all that much attention to the toys since the first day, preferring the lure of the open door but today was an exception.

Then he bumped the mouse and it ‘jumped’ down the step which raised the stakes quite a bit for him – it is escaping!

We can’t have that – and alternating left and right swats are called for.  I don’t know if any part of Julie’s front half is touching the floor.  Maybe the side of the extended leg, but basically he’s hovering while he gets his swats in on the poor compressed catnip mouse.

Note the intent eyes and alert whiskers waiting to see what move the mouse will take.  House tiger in action!

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6 Responses to Julius and the Catnip Mouse

  1. choconutmeg says:

    He is so cute! I especially like his ears 🙂


  2. House tiger! He sure is a fierce one! So intense, so focused, they mousie aint gettin’ any further away is he? MOL


  3. Wazeau says:

    Such athleticism! Those black nails look fierce!


  4. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog today. I had a great time and hope I left my campsite clean enough for your next visitor.


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