…Round 2

More pictures from the Julie and Mouse shoot.  Here he gives the mouse a pretty convincing bite.

It survived, though!

Then something caught his eye upstairs – well someone.  It was Gus, on the upper landing.

Julie was just looking, and I decided to try a slightly different angle and pressed the shutter again…

And at that exact moment, hearing the camera start the analysis of the picture, Julie decided to move into an ambush spot. He managed to get all the way down the step out of frame, lie down and then poke his ear back in the frame a trifle.

He will drive you nuts.

And when Gus came down he pounced out of hiding and ran in front, to make Gus jump back. Julie then jumped up to the window sill above.  Gus kept coming down and after he passed the landing Julie jumped down from the sill and bounced after him and made him scamper.

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4 Responses to …Round 2

  1. nadbugs says:

    OMC. That picture of the empty bed, the dead mouse, and one ear. Just hysterical. I suppose you’d have to be a kindred spirit who knows the folly of trying to get snaps of cats, and who persists in that folly against all odds, to fully appreciate this. Being one of those tormented souls, I do. Like, totally.


  2. Hehehe… the peep has lots of pictures of the back of my neck!


  3. MOL I can almost hear them giggling! What a fun crew!


  4. You would think they planned that!


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