I was going over some older shots that I hadn’t posted to avoid a late photo session.  I like Julie’s expression here – and his whiskers.  He’s flaunting them.

Calla was up top at the same time the other picture was taken, and was not totally comfortable with him there.  Calla and Julie have a strange relationship.  I’ve mentioned the little skirmishes they have every so often, bopping each other and taking off.

The other day there was an different kind of interaction.  Calla wanted to go through the railing to the cat tree to the top of the bookshelf, but Julie was sitting on the top step, with just enough room for her to squeeze by.  She thought about it for a bit, then took a chance and passed right by and wiggled through the rail.  He never moved a muscle.

I think he was amused at making her rush.

I don’t know if any of you follow the new Country map in your blog stats.  Being a numbers person, I tend to keep an eye on a lot of them.  One interesting thing is that the tiny African nation of Burundi is a pretty frequent visitor here – in the top 4 or 5.  And it isn’t just a one time thing, like the 12 or 13 views from Greece I had yesterday.  They were using the translate function…it would be interesting to see the blog in Greek letters.



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5 Responses to Whiskers

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Julie looks SO regal in that shot!

    On my sidebar, you’ll see a “flag counter.” Best free thing I ever got. I’m just constantly amazed at the traffic I get on my lil’ ole’ blog.


    • Oldcat says:

      It is kind of surprising, because he doesn’t stand on his dignity very often. And his tendency to avoid the flash does not help.

      I did see your flag counter – looks like you have a lot more ‘regular european’ visitors than me – France, Germany, and the like. I have some reasonable SE asia visitors, very few from Japan. I’m hot in Central Africa – Kenya, Burundi and Cameroon. No South or North Africa yet.


  2. Wazeau says:

    You see whiskers, I see that big beautiful ear!


  3. Great whisker shots! Too funny about her hurrying past! I can just imagine it!


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