Fifteen Thousand

This is a view I don’t get that often, surprisingly.  Usually she is keeping an eye on what I am doing, but this time I was trying to entice her onto a little item I brought out for them to sleep on.  As soon as I want to get a picture of them on it, it becomes anathema.

It was backwards day in another sense – usually I am trying to get the subject to look at me, but this time I wanted her to face away.  So she kept messing it up by turning and looking at me.

Today the blog did pass the milestone that I was waiting for.  Just after midnight it got its 15000th hit.  I was hoping to get there before the end of the first year, and it made it with a bit more than a week to spare.

By chance and the little ‘flags of the world’ feature of WordPress, I even know who it was, at least in a general sense.  It was our faithful reader(s) from Burundi in Central Africa!

I’ve been doing the pills with Gus for a while now, and it is going pretty smoothly. He is pretty resigned to the process, and tends to stare at the milk in his little dish and purr while I get the pill out and prepare for the insertion.  Some days I’ll use the squirt bottle to give him a little water to wash it down.  There’s no sign of any rash forming on the ears with the oral medication, thankfully.

There was a little bit of a change this morning, though. I was carrying him down and saw a change to the back of his neck – a gap in the fur.  Looking closer, there was a hairless patch about the size of a quarter there.  In the patch were two red dots, maybe a finger width apart.


Since this gap almost certainly was less than 12 hours old, I soon found an explanation that fits.  When Julie came inside, Gus did his common ‘lick and bite’ thing to him.  I wasn’t paying a lot of attention but it seemed that Gus bit not on the shoulders but further back which had two effects – it hurt Julie to be bit away from the thick fur and skin of the neck and the position allowed Julie to squirm around and get a bite back. In the ensuing tussle the tuft Julie bit got pulled most or all of the way out, leaving a hole.

The tooth marks are more bruises than punctures, and there is no swelling or infection that I can feel.  There’s no pain when I touch it.

I remember that a couple of months ago I stepped on Julie on the stairs and he somehow turned about and bit a toenail so hard I can still feel a crease across it as the nail grows out.  He’s a tit for tat kind of cat.

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12 Responses to Fifteen Thousand

  1. Julie! Such a rough tough customer! Wow!
    Glad Gus is doing well on his meds, hope it stays that way!
    Ah Calla, lovely from any direction!


    • Oldcat says:

      He’s really a very calm and forgiving fellow, but when he acts, he can turn it up to 11.
      Gus ‘bulles’ him two or three times a week and this is the first time he’s been marked back.


  2. Oh my gosh! I totally forgot to say congratulations on the 15000!!


  3. Jo Woolf says:

    Well done on reaching your milestone! I’m glad Gus is settling down with his pills. It’s a good job you’re observant with their behaviour or those puncture marks would have been much more worrying! Calla is just bewitchingly beautiful.


  4. Wazeau says:

    Gratz on the milestone! For a minute there I thought Cala was the vampire… or vampirella?


  5. Oldcat says:

    I think if Calpurnia and Gus had a dust-up, there would have been a lot more noise


  6. Becky says:

    Congrats on your milestone! And thanks for your visit to my blog, too!


  7. dianabuja says:

    I am the Burundi-person (in central africa)!
    Always enjoying opening your entriesj!

    This is my blog page to ‘pets’ :

    And this is the main blog link:

    Enjoy oldcat’s mama – and others on the list!



    • Oldcat says:

      Hi, and thanks for reading! I usually view a new subscriber’s blog when I get notified so I had seen your blog then, but had lost track since.

      I loved the story about the cat and the plums! Calpurnia has a similar habit – if you pick her up near the food bowls she will grip the mat under the dishes with her paws and scatter the bowls and food all over!

      I added a link to your blog to the front page.


  8. dianabuja says:

    Yes, that plum story was pretty funny (a long time after the event – certainly not at the time). Calpurnia just does not want you to eat her food!! Thanks for putting my blog up!!


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