Routine and Not Routine

Cat and Pill, Some Assembly Required

Gus and the Two-a-Day are getting to be old friends.  It isn’t quite at the point that he runs into the pill room on his own, though.  But he is starting to get so comfy while I get set up, I had to get the camera out.

When I plunk him on the towel he just stays there while I get out the pill. Usually at this point he is even purring.  Gus has a very loud purr when he gets into it, too.  Back when he was getting tranquilizers to calm him from the Feliway reaction he would hide behind things and you would have to tug him out.

I use the towel to cover his feet if I need to.  These days I can sometimes not bother.  And the ears and head are virtually scab free – the flash brings out the color but I checked his head just now and there’s so sign of a returning rash.  What you see is some old marks and scabs from before.

Now this week, Julie’s routine has been to go outside, but I didn’t let him out today.  A good result of that was that he got a share of treats after Gus was pilled.  Later though, things weren’t as cool.

Calla was sitting in her basket cleaning up when he jumped onto the overhanging end table and peered down at her.  He might have gotten away with it if he was slower, but he did it all in one motion and she took it badly.

She popped him a couple, or tried to.  No hissing, but Gentleman Julie backed off and retired to the side of the tall cat tree.  After a few seconds, he decided against getting pinned in the area and came back only far enough to cut through the bannister so that he could give her a wide berth.  Then he circled around to the blue blanket on the sofa.

Then I was taking pictures from above and he got interested in the camera strap.  But with Julie, interest goes to 11.  Thus it wasn’t long before he pulled the camera out of my hand and almost onto his head.  It took a bit to calm him, and afterward he felt the need for a little cleaning up.

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1 Response to Routine and Not Routine

  1. Oh good for Gus, getting used to the pills and doing better too! And that profile! Have we never seen his profile before?? Does he have the cutest chin or what?? With all that fluff, you dont expect to see much chin, but aww so cute. I’d kiss him if I could!
    I had to take the strap off my camera, and then it disappeared weeks ago. Last night, it turned up beside my bed. Wonder where it’s been? Has some nice teeth marks..


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