Portrait Day

Everyone here is a little worn out today, so when post time started approaching I decided to just try to get a quick pic of everyone for the record.  While the first shot of Gus was too close and I had to redo it, it was oddly funny how everyone cooperated with it.  Four shots for three pictures…not bad.

I ran out of milk the other day for Gus’ treat after medicine, and decided to substitute normal cat treats.  This means that the other cats are taking even more of an interest in the room.  Often the knowledge that other cats can see him in ‘not in control’ makes Gus even more mad than being in that state itself.

I do give the other cats a treat from the bag when Gus gets his, but they seem to be in a ‘trust but verify’ mode with each others’ treat stash.

This morning the pill went down pretty easily, and I put down a pile.  I had noticed that Gus has a few tangles on his legs and decided to get the clippers and take advantage of the fact that he was already mad at the pills and couldn’t get madder, or of his happiness after his treats.

I left him about to eat and quickly went and got the clippers, and when I came back there was an amusing confrontation.  In this tiny downstairs bathroom (with no actual bath), there was the treats, Gus sitting with his back to the pile, blocking Julius who was trying to peer around him.  Just behind his back was Calla, standing in the doorway, and I was right behind her.  Everyone in the house was packed into a 2 foot by 4 foot area.

I had to shoo everyone out but Gus and grab him again for a trimming.  He really earned his treats after that!  A quick chop got the mat out and a couple of other tangles, but now he has another bald patch to match the one on his neck.  Hopefully this one was not as painful as the other probably was.

…and tonight, there’s stinker Julie not looking up for his portrait.  There’s one in every crowd.

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5 Responses to Portrait Day

  1. It’s ok that Julie isn’t looking up, he’s showing his kitty tongue! Those shots are worth not having full face!
    Poor Gus, having to guard his treats and then getting shorn! Well, more treats make up for it I suppose.
    Calla, lovely as always!


    • Oldcat says:

      From experience with him, he doesn’t seem to mind the clipping at all, just the being prodded and touched on his body that comes along with it. It is very similar with baths – in the last one I had him sitting calmly under the tub’s faucet under the water stream to rinse, only complaining when I rubbed him to make sure the soap was out.


  2. Wazeau says:

    Love the pink tongue!


  3. kimkiminy says:

    I never noticed Gus’s bi-colored nose before!
    Julie’s whiskers look SO long in his photo.


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