Yesterday Calpurnia was in a very crazy mood – I had the door out back open a bit and at one point she came tearing inside, banging into the door on the way.  Then she camped out in the tiled area near the bathroom and made crazy cat noises.  A zoom upstairs and a zoom back down was added in for good measure.

To try to extend the good mood I tied a shoestring to a stick and started to play with her.  She has a strange way of ‘hunting’ – she stands still and if the string gets close she rises up on her back feet and scrabbles at it with both front feet.

So today I tried it with Gus.  His main problem is that he is always more worried that some other cat will see him playing that he often only makes the smallest try at playing.  None of the other two were even paying attention, but he still was pretty subdued.  If the string got near his mouth, he did snap at it.

After a little bit he did feel limber enough to give his knee a bath, so it wasn’t a total waste.

At the same time Julie was just staring off into space like a Zombie or something, but try to tell Gus that.

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3 Responses to Entertainment

  1. Glad to see everyone’s getting into the string of things!


  2. Leo will occasionally do that ‘afraid to play and draw attention’ thing too. he’ll bat at something that comes close, but he will only go leaping mad if he knows Star is elsewhere. Star doesnt care where Leo is, when she wants to play, she will go bananas!
    I hope you get a picture of Calla playing that way someday!


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