Cat Telepathy

It seemed like a normal evening here tonight and I took a few pictures of Calla on the cat tree.  Gus was upstairs, and Julie was snoozing on the brown couch.

Suddenly Julie went to full alert and jumped down and started minutely examining the front of the furniture.  He wasn’t making a sound just peering all over.

Calla was interested, which made sense since she was looking right down at him.  But I looked up to the balcony overlooking the room and there came Gus with a very concerned expression!  I don’t think he could see  Julie, but he knew something was happening even without seeing anybody.

I’m pretty sure my reaction didn’t clue him in – the cats are totally uninterested in what I do for the most part.

Calla uses her mental powers to make us all forget the entire incident…

This is very like a situation last year when Calla spotted a bird outside the window and then lost track of it, and without seeing the bird Gus and Julie where hunting around the rooms upstairs looking for an escaped ‘thing’.   Gus did see her, but Julie never even came into the same room.

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7 Responses to Cat Telepathy

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    It would be good to know what sparks these things off – what they can hear or see that we can’t!


    • Oldcat says:

      In both of my cases I think I know what set cat 1 off – I find it mysterious how the other cats just know what each other are thinking without contact.

      I today’s case my guess is that a little piece of fluff drifting about caught his eye – you can see it right on the seam of the cushion.and the sofa, even with his chest.


  2. When Leo’s attention gets caught, I just know it’s a bug… He’s got like ninja bug senses… he just knows. Which is nice because once he points them out, we can kill them.


  3. Anne D says:

    I see that Julie is a classic tabby. When you are up for some more genetics, tell us (if anyone knows) what determines classic versus mackerel tabby pattern. Thanks.


  4. Star Wise says:

    Hi, animals are very telepathic. I have tried communicating telepathically to animals (cats and dogs) myself with some success. I have written a guide for it on the “Talk to the Animals” page of my WordPress site. I am also a twin and my twin sister and I have had some outstanding telepathic communications. Namaste, Celine


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