The fine folks at Zombease ask the question that is really on your mind when the living dead rise….


Q: Can my cats become Zombies?

A: Cats, like most other animals, are genetically dissimilar enough from Humans, that viruses from one or the other tend to affect only one species at a time. Some species of animal, like Pigs or those from the genus Primate (apes, monkeys, chimpanzees, orangutangs, etc), are not only capable of spreading and sharing viruses with Humans, it has happened before. Cats are pretty safe from this type of Zombie infection, but what about other types?

While Chemical Zombies are highly infectious and capable of spreading their affliction to nearly any creature (living or dead), they seldom, if ever, attack non-humans. This is because of a Chemical Zombie’s insatiable hunger for only Human brains. But if your cats were to ingest or inhale the chemicals, gases, or particulates involved with a Chemical Zombie, they too would become the “living dead”. An example of animals (birds)…

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11 Responses to Reblog…

  1. phew. THAT’S a load off my mind…


  2. orientallily001 says:

    Oh gosh… what good news. Sometimes in the early morning, before my peep #1 has had her coffee, she looks & acts a bit like a zombie. So glad it’s not contagious. What a relief!


  3. MOL, yes, that was seriously weighing on my mind… Now, can I deploy them to defend me in case of a human zombie attack? That’s the question I really want answered!


  4. littlemiao says:

    It’s good to have this question finally answered. Now that I know they are immune, I will commence training my Miaolings to be zombie hunters.


    • Oldcat says:

      If they hunt zombies like mice, that means they will drag them home and drop them on the floor inside….


      • littlemiao says:

        Errr… that doesn’t sound like such a good idea after all.

        I submitted a question to Zombease. This is very exciting. I finally have a place to ask all the questions that keep me up at night.


  5. Wow. I don’t know whether that’s good or bad… I mean, if all the human servants are zombies, then would we be better off as zombies too? Everyone else seems to be at ease, but I might fret about this a bit.


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