Unless the weather gods have one more trick in them, we may have flipped from the cool and dingy days into the hot and clear months, finally.  As part of that change, the cats start to migrate their favorite spots away from the warmer upstairs spots by the heaters and down to the cooler downstairs spots.

Also the favorite nap spots shift from sunny areas to cooler tiled areas.

I have been thinking about possibly giving Calla a cut at about the 6 month mark this year instead of waiting as long as I did the last few times.  Her neck ruff in particular is getting a bit long.  I’ve trimmed that myself before, but why not get the full deal.  Unless she really starts shedding her current coat and thins out it might be easier for everyone.

Calla is all ready for the “C” in the song YMCA.

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7 Responses to Migrations

  1. Rayya says:

    Your kitty cats are adorable. Would love to see the post clip picture of Calla 🙂


  2. orientallily001 says:

    Looks like someone has found quite a good napping spot already!


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Dang, she is so cute. I bet she’d appreciate less hair. I have a feeling this is going to be a hot summer.


  4. I usually know when warmer weather is coming when Star’s floof starts to thin out and Leo’s tail gets thinner. In winter his tail is a plume. Neither of mine are a think furred as Calla appears to be, so she probably does appreciate the trims. I think she’s adorable no matter what.
    I know you trim Gus too, but does Julie ever need trimming?


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