Fun in the Yard

There was nice weather all weekend and the cats spent a lot of time outside in the back.  Even wandering Julius spent a lot of time in the back instead of out wandering farther out. With Gus only taking the occasional turn out back, Calla and Julie had the place to themselves

Today in the mid-morning Julie managed to catch a pair of lizards and haul them inside.  He got them both at once, it seems.  He’s done that before.  He was playing with them in the kitchen and Calpurnia was watching him with interest.  Maybe she will be the next one to catch a lizard!

So far the closest she has gotten to that is biting on some of the plants out back.

With the rain I haven’t gotten around to my annual crabgrass eradication program, so there is a bit around for Julius to chew on.  The Star Jasmine in the background is about to bloom, which is pretty.  Otherwise it isn’t clear how the destruction of the overhanging plants on the far side of the wall will change how things grow there.

The ivy invader needs to be culled back too.  I need to find something that is as tenacious as the English Ivy to fight it.  And something that doesn’t need actual soil.  There’s only about an inch of bad dirt before you hit clay and rock and tree roots.  And here in California this part of the yard gets blasted with sun on a normal summer.

Julie doesn’t mind – he prefers the crabgrass to help him puke up his dinner every so often.

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6 Responses to Fun in the Yard

  1. Did he carry both in his mouth at the same time?? What a great hunter!
    Calla is such a lovely girl, no matter where she is, she looks like she modeling!


  2. kimkiminy says:

    Calla’s watching and learning.

    Try mint – it’s tenacious, delicious, fragrant…


  3. Becky says:

    Beautiful photos of beautiful cats! Looks like they had a great weekend.


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