Diva Calpurnia?

Calla: ……what was my line again?

Director: “Waahhrggh.” 

A major production like yesterday’s post takes a lot of preparation and it doesn’t help when you are dealing with difficult talent.

 Calla: But what is my motivation for being a savage monster?


Calla: Got it!

Now in real life, Calpurnia is a very sweet cat and doesn’t show any Diva tendencies so I had to fudge things a little.  She isn’t pushy or demanding but she holds her own regardless.

Sweet Praline was a cat that had a very well-known blog until she passed away a year or so ago. I used to read her blog regularly for a long time.

Paula eventually adopted some new kittens and started the blog Sweet Purrfections to follow the two kittens as they grow up.  And I read this one regularly too with great enjoyment.

And when she wanted everyone to show their Diva I felt I had to oblige!


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3 Responses to Diva Calpurnia?

  1. Sweet Purrfections says:

    Thank you for participating today. As I remember this time last year when I lost Sweet Praline, these posts help me smile. Nice job of showing your diva.

    Mom Paula


    • nadbugs says:

      What a great idea, to ease grief. To ask for the company of other felines still with us, pushing us around — and a funny post like this one. I’m going over there now. Thank you OldCat!


  2. littlemiao says:

    Calla looks the part, even if she doesn’t play it. Always such dramatic expressions on her beautiful floofy face!


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