Julie the Goof

It’s pretty late for a post partly because I was doing system maintenance around here and somewhere in the process my portable has decided it isn’t willing to open USB devices any more.  Rather than fiddle with it I came up to the main computer.

Julie had some adventures in the last few days some of which I will save until I get those pictures off the camera.  Here he is camping on the threshold eyeing his domain.

So far this spring Julie has hung around quite a bit closer and come in earlier than he has before.  Perhaps he is mellowing out with age.  He still likes to walk the back wall when he can, though.

The other day I was trying to get a picture of Gus and noticed that he (Gus) seemed a lot twitchier than he usually is.  When I looked up, there Julie was peering right into his eye from about a foot off.

While Julie is pretty curious by nature, I suspect the real trigger is the bathroom treats incident of a week or so back.  He’s very suspicious that another treat arrival spot will appear when Gus and I get together.  I still see him checking out the downstairs bathroom looking for treats to appear there.

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7 Responses to Julie the Goof

  1. orientallily001 says:

    My aunties have mellowed a lot with age. It happens, I think.


  2. always better for cats inside than out…so many dangers outside especially when they are in their senior years. Hope Julie stays safe


    • Oldcat says:

      You’ll have to convince Julie of that first.

      Years back when he was younger if I kept him in he would run out the garage door while I was driving in. Letting him out the back door seems a lot safer. He does come in at night, except when he forgets.


      • no judgment intended.I know some kittehs prefer out not in. We live in city near San Francisco and coyotes walk down my street middle of the day, sometimes with dead cat..soooo sad be safe Julie


  3. Ah ha! Julie has put two and two together and decided that where Gus is, there are likely to be snacks! Gus may have a perminant shadow now!


  4. May I ask why HE is called Julie? Not that I mind, I just though it quite feminine for such a manly cat!^^


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