I Spy…

I wonder what Julie is peeking out the window at?

It reminds me of the old game where you have to guess  what someone is looking at from the first letter of the name. 

It’s some DUCKS!

I wonder if these are the same ones that I have seen hanging out here before – I think I have a picture from 2005 or so and in that one Julie is right up by the pool – or the dry concrete part.  Oh, since this is the modern age here’s a link to it.

Calpurnia wasn’t too worked up about the ducks.

Spent all day trying to fix up the problem with my portable.  It has decided not to detect USB plug/unplug suddenly, and to hang on most updates.  And my main system still has the irritating problem of taking hours to read pictures from the camera.  So my usual method of getting a new computer when an old one gets cranky might put me in a place where I can’t upload pictures at all.  It would literally be faster to walk across the street to the drugstore and burn them onto a CD and come back.

Well, I might have gotten the portable back up and limping again.  But it sure knocks a hole in the day.

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10 Responses to I Spy…

  1. He looks very interested in those duckies! I wonder if he knows how big they are all up close and personal…Calla looks like she figures her duck should come in a can.. MOL


  2. Star Wise says:

    Julie is clever, I think, stretching out like that and investigating – the duck noises – or whatever drew his attention to the fact the Ducks were there. He is looking good.


  3. nadbugs says:

    Superb, OldCat — what I love you for. Both posts. So much in them! Does Julie need a reason to look outside? Who knew dux would swim in chlorinated water? A huge tom with his head in a box? Wow! Great stuff, OC, made my day and it’s still morning.


  4. kimkiminy says:

    I bet whoever owns that pool doesn’t appreciate those ducks!


  5. ducks luvluvluv pools! And frequently return each year for the next batch of baby ducks! No wonder Julie looks like she is watching something totally edible! uuummmm! snack time if I can only get out there!


  6. Julie is so intent–he quacks me up!


  7. Anne D says:

    Like Tony Soprano with his ducks.


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