Sweet and Sour

Julie actually loves when Gus decides to do a little grooming.  He will plunk himself right down in front of Gus and lower himself and his head right down for convenient grooming.

Totally sweet, except as I have said over and over, it always ends in tears because Gus is a total loon.

You bite me, I bite you right back!

… because he soon decides to chomp Julie on the shoulder. Every single time.  Sometimes Julie puts up with it for a little, sometimes he fights back, sometimes he preempts the bite and pwns him…but we all know that Gus will end up biting him.  Only Gus thinks he is being subtle.

So, has Gus learned his lesson, or is it time for round two?

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5 Responses to Sweet and Sour

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Great action shot. Clearly, Julie must be delicious.


  2. Lurkertype says:

    Julie must enjoy the biting too, or he wouldn’t let Gus start up.


  3. unfortunately it is a game cats play that is sometimes called “matting, motting…ummm mating”! Me thinks that is the case…but I am an only cat…so safe not matter what it is MOL


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