Box Troll

A commenter on the post a few days ago about Calla’s box fight used the term ‘box troll’ which I found very funny.  Does she look like a troll to you?

Over the weekend I was cleaning the carpet and shoved all the furniture into one half of the room.  Once the vacuuming is done the cats always like the packed furniture – everything is new and exciting.  Calla eventually found a way to get on top of the cat tree but when she decided to jump down, the top of the troll box looked pretty inviting.

But it isn’t very strong, and was sitting on top of the exercise machine without a firm base so when she landed it moved and partly collapsed.  So now there are little claw marks across the top of the box.

But despite that I saw her in the box on a couple of occasions, but Gus wasn’t playing this time.  He’s playing flat cat.

Since she’s out of luck there, I did play a few games of chase the camera strap with her.  She is almost always ready for that.

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7 Responses to Box Troll

  1. kimkiminy says:

    If she’s a troll, she’s the cutest troll EVAR!


  2. I’d like to pay troll toll in smoochies, please.


  3. such pretty babies…purrrrrr


  4. Lurkertype says:

    Calla is a box queen, not a troll!


  5. I’m slightly offended that anyone would refer to the lovely, sweet Calpurnia as a troll. Please allow me to defend her honor by biting the kneecaps of that commenter.


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